I look at the past to honor the path I have traveled. I bring myself to the present and I am grateful for who I am, for the stage and the links that I manifest today. Everything I've experienced brought me here and then it's perfect. Nothing could have been otherwise, I accept and love who I am today. I am ready to move forward, I am going to jump into the void in this new chapter, I am excited to have this blank sheet where my life is about to begin and I am the one who writes the story, who chooses what the movie is about. In this dawn, I am pure sun and I am reborn, I give birth, my new version emerges, 100% ready to undertake.

I take all the learning, I transmute it in my bonfire, in my entrails the fire of life burns, I am the flame, the creative source. I am ready, looking straight at the proposal of Life.

I feel the vertigo that drives me to continue living, exploring, advancing. I count on myself, I am the conqueror of my Reality, I am the one who chooses my battles. Today with my gaze fixed on the horizon, towards infinity I go. I am that free spirit, warrior soul, pure strength and bravery.

I have my body well alive, available to fight, I have my mind open, free and clear, I count on my intuition as a compass on the way, I am going towards the new, because I choose my life at every step, to be who I am and to open myself to a new adventure.

New Moon Portal in Aries, let's say YES to this opportunity to reset and start over!

This moment is charged with Fire, the element that ignites us in Vital Energy, the flame that burns inside and encourages us to activate, go out into the world and unleash the most primal and essential expression of the Being.

Life calls us to gamble for what turns us on, align our desire and our actions, rise in light and warmth to radiate and share with everyone else, creating and facing each moment from our sacred fire and inspiring around all those little fires that also dare to shine.

Allowing ourselves to be is key to our growth and individual expression, only from this place of the "I" can we link the personal goal with a more transpersonal and collective purpose.

Let's honor our individuality, let's love our independence, let's validate and act on our desire and at the same time, from a healthier individual, let's let go of rivalry, break with comparison and competition, let's affirm that there is room for me and everyone, that we are a world abundant, full of a beautiful diversity that when linked connects and re-discovers the uniqueness of Being Life.

Happy lunation, give yourself the chance to restart today!

I read you, I hug you