What if there was another function in mind? Like an app that we don’t know yet? What if this mind that does not stop thinking, could be silenced, reset and feel peace? Are we willing to question our way of thinking? Hack those known mental labyrinths that lock us up? to open new connections and paths?

Today more than ever, we have the chance to separate ourselves from the mind, to contemplate it, educate it, make it more flexible and train it to be a tool, pure medicine and not a calvarium.
Let’s take this opportunity to experience the new mind, we all carry within the power of Mentalism, to visualize internally, create in our imaginary what we long for with the soul and recreate it in reality. Introspection, cleaning and mental resetting time.

Let’s make Silence to Feel and listen before Speaking.
Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, he feels comfortable in this sign because here he has the task of discriminating, analyzing and choosing the thoughts, ideas and words that really contribute, that are functional, practical and collaborate in the service of what we want to manifest.
Virgo brings us to a new form of presence, opens us to a deeper sensitivity where we can get out of the center and perceive ourselves in connection with everyone and with the whole.

This Earth sign is full of sensitivity, it makes us aware of a systemic, global vision, where we come into contact with the mystery of life, we understand that everything is inter-related, from the micro to the macro, with each word and action. we are contributing and creating reality. Virgo is the mystery that intertwines the personal with the collective, so each person and what they create in their day to day counts, if I say good morning, if I thank, if I do my part, I am helping to raise that vibration … and if I spend it criticizing, judging, complaining, that is what I am creating, to increase that I contribute from my place.

This sign is Medicine, just what our mind needs, which tends to wander, become neurotic, accelerated, going to places that do not add us, that hurt us and also harm others, but this can change!

Let us take advantage of this time to meditate, cultivate silence and peace, to discover another function of the mind that can enter into communion with the universal source. In conscious work I am attentive to my thoughts, just for today, I try to observe every word inside and outside of me, what I communicate, with myself and with others.

Today I practice Coherence between what I Feel, Think and Transmit, affirming that my message is of Love and will be the Bridge and Root of all manifestation.

how are you feeling today? do u find peace of mind?

i read you, i hug you