Mercury transiting Scorpio, Discover the medicine that lives in you.

We need to go deeper, diving into the hidden waters, the darkest areas of our Vulnerability, we enter to see the shadow, what damages, postpones and limits, we become aware of the need to heal, we begin a total cleaning process, inside and outside, in mind, body and soul.

We are going to get into the swamp, look at our “little black box” again, inhabit that cave where we leave our fears, pending emotions, some taboos, secrets, wounds, resentments, toxic dynamics, self-boycott mechanisms, attachments and unconscious loyalties. . If we approach the process we will discover that in the thickest of the mud there is also medicine, the lotus flower is born when we offer ourselves the time of Intimacy.

Mercury represents the entire cognitive process, how we assimilate the world, learning, thinking, ideas, word, language, communication and links. Now vibrating in Scorpio the journey is towards the depth of the psyche, uniting the rational with the instinctive, discovering information that was hidden in the unconscious, feeling the magnetism, perceiving energy, connecting with the subtle, which is not named or understood, more is so intense that it feels.

Let’s connect with the denied emotion, there is an internal character that delays our growth, beyond attachment we have to let go, there is a version of us that needs to die, it is time to transform, evolve and be reborn.

Let us embrace the Mystery, there is a call to Transcendence, to resurface in RESILIENCE. Soul, Mind, Body and Spirit, linked in a new vibration, we are awakening Humanity, creating a new Emotional Intelligence and Bonding. We have the opportunity to Unite Mind and Emotion, to transform and heal that internal dynamic.

We are trained in an automatic pilot that tends to dissociate them, choose one over another, plus life and this wonderful language that is astrology, reminds us that we are both, that they are richer together and if we validate them both, they are super complementary .

I am more emotional than mental, the air element is my great learning and challenge.

My Mercury vibrates in Cancer at 9, it is more natural for me to feel, intuit, visualize than think, feel and perceive rather than name My 12th house vibrates in Scorpio, there is its ruler Pluto, connecting with almost all the planets in my chart.

How are you? How do you connect with your natal Mercury? Do you feel very mental? or rather emotional? And how do Scorpios feel? go into that deep level?

I read you, I hug you