What enters the mind, leaves the mind … What reaches the Heart, stays and does not go away …
Do you want to know why? Listen to it well!
Only THE PURE TRUTH enters the Heart!

(words from the great Atahualpa)

Time of mental detoxification, silence and medicine.

Let us act from the Voice of Consciousness that dwells deep within us, behind the neura and that old mindset of lack. Now let the theories dissolve and listen to the emotion, give the intuition a chance to choose the Path that Guides from Love.

In this season, the Essence of the Being has the opportunity and the challenge to manifest that great Dream of the Soul, but we have to be careful that the mind does not deceive us and make us lose this great gift due to fears, prejudices or obsolete conditioning.

To let the mind flow to new, more creative and happy places, it is key to anchor ourselves in our Heart, which is the one who has the wisdom of what really fascinates us and inspires us to Live.

How are they? Can you hear your heart? How do you dismantle the fears of the old mind?

I read you, I feel you, I hug you, iam you.

#Mercury in #piscis


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