Mercury passing through the sign of Cancer, Deepening the Unity of Feeling-Thinking.

Many times, more than we would like, we dissociate ourselves between what we think and what we feel. So as we are so binary, as we have formed between polarities, irreconcilable dualities, and we have normalized them, we tend to divide ourselves and enter into the inner struggle that is worth more, if Feeling or Thinking, as if it were more important to inhale than exhale, when They essentially go together, they need each other, the problem is that we tend to fragment and fight even with ourselves.

The gap between what we believe is appropriate and what we feel inside. Then we say things that we do not feel, we hurt and then comes the deep discomfort. Or vice versa, we feel things that we do not say, that we do not dare to express and these knot our throats, they encyst in the body that lives loaded with so much repressing our vulnerability.

We have the opportunity to unite, build bridges to feel what I think before saying it, and in turn think about what I feel in order to communicate it. Listening to the emotion to develop an intelligence where by knowing myself I am giving myself that which nourishes me instead of evading or projecting it. It is not easy, it is not fast, it is a constant and super important process. Life invites us to practice, to try to put love, vulnerability, feelings into words, to express what we are living inside. Let us enable the listening of our own feelings and those of others, let us join us in this new chapter where we can unite hemispheres, Mind and Emotion.

Can we see how words sometimes unite us and sometimes separate us from feeling?

It is time to enter our vulnerability and transform it into art, into poetry, into words of tenderness and love. If I say it it is because I feel it, if I feel it it is because I can think it. Let’s take advantage of this chance of alchemy to link our rational side and with our most perceptive and tender part.

How are you feeling?

I read you, I hug you