#Mercury awakes after its retro phase, did you take advantage of the reset?

👁Open your Eyes, Open your Mind, hear the Call to retrace the labyrinths of the Mind.

🔸️If your mind is open, there is a great creative flow available, ideas, images, possibilities, revelations, insights, links, are you receptive to all this?

Do you allow yourself to play with this info that you channel? or the tapas right away? the censorship?

👻If we continue with the old Mind-Set, we will feel that the changes from “outside” are abrupt and we will not know how to adapt to this new reality that asks us to update. We are increasingly within this collective process that is the New Age of Aquarius, there is no going back, time is accelerating, spaces and links are re-signified, it is key that we cultivate a more open, free thought, collective, sustainable and inclusive.

🙏If we want to be part of this new era, we need to be Present in the Now, discover the substance available to play, create and re-create our reality.
🐣Just for today, look at yourself with new eyes, discover a new perspective. Silence the bustle of the mind, fears and prejudices, affirm and decree that you are Life, Art and therefore, an Infinitely Creative Being.

🛑This is as simple and complex as being present and permeable in the Here and Now.

🧠Let’s break the known mold, the false idea that we already know everything, dismantle the ego, that entrenched, arrogant personality that thinks it knows more than others, fears and compares.

Let’s be together! Let’s meet, let’s learn to create, collaborate, meet each other and thus honor this evolutionary shift that Life proposes to us. How are those internal speeches? Are you open to new ways of thinking and creating? Do you feel the force of the new mindset?

💪I am training fully, physical exercise, dancing, pedaling and sweating leaves my mind clean and super clear. It is also good that they give themselves at least 20 minutes a day to meditate, I do it as soon as I get up and before going to sleep, I remove the cell phone, the noises and I connect with my Being.

I read you, I hug you.


Art @ filters.of.perception

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