Vibrating intensity of the Full Moon, the emotions ask us to descend a little more, we are stripping mechanisms, masks and armor fall, we soften and only feel.

♓These days the Moon in Pisces contacting Neptune reminds us that we are immensely vulnerable, that we need to rest, slow down and listen to the Soul that asks for peace, love and care.

🌙As Human Beings we have been gestated, developed and wounded in the vulnerability of being in bond with others and even with those pains, we deeply know that all we want is intimacy and tenderness, which is where the balsam, the medicine resides, but If we continue to let the wounds and nostalgia of the past condition us, we cannot heal, feel, or share what we long for, that warmth of communion and connection, the Magic of Loving.

💧 Let’s embrace, let’s feel soft in that embrace, we melt the armor, the unconscious shields that bind us by upsetting us with false feelings of being protected and safe in this state of constant defense, where we become bitter, hardening, self-limiting in isolation and coldness.

🌊We are hyper sensitive, let us remember tenderness, compassion, give us space to rest, let go, cry and meditate. How do you feel?

I read you, I hug you

Agu 💜