Full Moon in Aries, closing and opening of the cycle. Vital Renewal, confirming that All Life is Now and that to live it fully we need to be present, connecting with our intuition, fine-tuning the most subtle instinct of our spirit that calls and guides us today.

After 6 months of a lot of feeling-thinking and re-evaluating priorities, there is a time for action and making important decisions. Choose yourself, prioritize yourself, give yourself your place, open a new path for you in this world. I want you to honor your wish, from here I promise to honor mine.

May this Moon ignite your Soul, may it bring the Force of Will and the determination to Create that which we dream and deserve, a new Path, more in line with our Courage, our desire to Live, give and receive Love.

Light your Flame, illuminate your Power, it is time to awaken to your true potential. Warriors of the Light, this new world is born thanks to each one of us. Let us be faithful to our Sacred Fire, let us choose Life, courage, adventure. He who does not risk does not live, does not win, not nothing. Love and Life is for Brave. Feed your Vital Flame, it is unique, it is yours! Let’s give ourselves more of that fuel that makes our hearts burn, for me it is dancing, singing, loving!

We are celebrating a wonderful harvest in the area where Aries vibrates from your birth chart. In my case it is my 5th house, activating my North Node.

What about You? How do you feel with so much vital energy in the air? will you take the risk for what you want?

I read you, I hug you