We are Cosmic Beings experiencing Being Humans, playing on this Wonderful Planet

🌐We are learning thru bonding, relating with others, with ourselves, with our bodies and with Nature itself.

🕯Life will guide you, you simply open yourself to listen to the call of your very essence, to discover the rhythm that unites you to Mother Earth.

Give yourself to the process, to the sowing and to the cultivation of your own magic.

🌼Blossoming implies process, love and humility to allow the deep unfolding of your Being in its maximum and at the same time, subtle potential.

Honor yourself and plant the seed of self-perception, root yourself in constant personal work.

 🌱 It is the practice of observing and accepting who you are today that will lead you to transform your Life.

💧 Water every day what your emotion shows, give yourself what your sensitivity needs.

  The process is constant, it is a one way road, do not hurry, enjoy the trip, fill yourself with presence and patience, celebrate each bud, each pruning, learn to honor yourself at each stage.

 🙏Thank yourself and reaffirm your decision to take this path, you will discover how rewarding it is to reap the fruit of your own inner work.

🌹Flowering is expressing and giving the world our best version, giving birth to that hidden treasure that we have come to share.

🌻 To flourish is to grow, evolve, be Alchemists of our own identity.

 🦋I invite you to undertake this inner journey with me.

🔮If you want to discover your true potential, write to me privately and we will coordinate your Astro Transpersonal session.

How are you living today?

I read you, I hug you

Agu 🌺
Ph @matiassalvaphfilm
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