Break Chains, give up the whip, cut off the self-boycott and love each other again. Heeding the call of kindness with myself to continue in the healing and evolution process that we have collectively embarked on. Let go of attachment, obedience, family mandates.

I accept the past, I appreciate being in contact, I really learn by knowing my pain, by listening to it to transmute and heal it, but not to stay there suffering, I exhausted myself from that dynamic that does not let me live, I want to be free, spontaneous, happy! Today I am going to let go of the label, the judgment, today I dissolve that belief and say goodbye to the mask that suffocates me and does not let me be. I am disarming the mechanism, Opening my eyes, the plexus, the soul.

I need to dance, sweat and scream with all my might and thus, with my warm body, I am going to take the first step towards my vision, I am already manifesting it.

I invite you to get out of physical, mental and emotional captivity, to open the window and let yourself be carried away by new winds, it is time to update and love yourself again, only the self-embrace can dissolve the pattern, free you from guilt and other people’s expectations.

I affirm: Today I allow myself to go back to zero to feel, think and act from my heart.

Thanks to everything that was, to everything that lived and brought me here. Thanks to these beautiful and intense Eclipse revelations that wake me up and show me that there is a new world waiting for me, I have to choose, and I find a Lighthouse of Light and Magic when I go through fear, when I hack the neurotic attempt to control, that it is pure cowardice.

The priority is to assume my role to return to me, to breathe and perceive Life, to anchor myself in the Present to choose Being from the brightest in me from now on and thus radiate, create, manifest.

Heaven closing the season of Eclipses, we are heading to the Full Moon, with strong activations of the Cancer Capricorn axis, glimpsing Power and Merit dynamics between Venus and Pluto.

How are you? What chains do you drop today?

I read you, I hug you


Art @sakoasko