Guide me my Child, in you I trust, you are a the source of Light and Love ❤

💫We come to the World being Pure Essence, innocence, happiness, spontaneity, flow of love … plus the society that we have created and that today is dying, it has limited us, censored, cut our wings, we have “formatted” ourselves to fit in cultural and family molds that transformed us into sad adults, robots, automata, gray machines functional to the macro production system, a purely industrial humans. We have the right to Be Happy, to enjoy our existence, then we can no longer betray the Being, it is time to start the path back to your Inner Girl and Child, there awaits the old wound, plus also the treasure of all Magic and the Love that you can become again, to offer yourself and radiate to the world.

🌞I invite you to look for a photo of when you were little, 4, 5 or 6 years old, find one that you like a lot, that transmits joy, tenderness, a happy memory, allows you to connect with that Being that lives within you .

Find your photo, upload it to your stories and tag me! Let’s share our children, let’s look at each other with Tenderness and Love! You dare? Have your child in your arms, take him with you everywhere, hug him, play, pamper each other.

Ask she/him what may need, what he feels, what he would like to do and give it to him. It is important that every time you meet his eyes again, you smile and convey a word of love and encouragement.

“Thank you my girl, you are magical, happy, beautiful, loving, genuine, extraordinary, funny, sensitive, generous, I see you, I honor you, I choose you and I leave you in my Being.”

🌈Mars already entered Leo and we need to connect with the strength of our children that lives in the center of the heart.

👁 How are you? Do you feel the need to honor those childhoods? Do you have leonine energy? Do you connect with the strength of your inner sun?

Here mine is very sensitive, wanting to hug, mime, dance and play!

I read you, I hug you
Agu ❤