Hi Tribe, how are you?

I come today to say hello, smile and share a little about myself, it is already the 5th year that I came out of the witches’ closet and I threw myself on the networks to share with you about Astrology, Tarot and the Paths of Consciousness that I am so passionate about and today I want to open them A little more of me.

First of all THANK YOU! It is a pleasure that you are reading me, I feel your presence and your company through this little screen, if you are part of this channel it is that we resonate and walk the path together.

🌞My name is Agustina, I have been in this incarnation for 34 years, discovering my Essential Being, playing with this identity that lives mutating. I love to dance, sing, write, read, play, ride my bike and connect with nature, forests, seas, skies, flowers and cats! I was born in Buenos Aires Argentina, but I perceive myself as a nomad and I love to live traveling, today I am in the United States and soon I will visit Mexico.

🏹I am Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus, Ascendant in Sagittarius and I bring with me a good dose of Pluto and Uranus. I dedicate myself to accompanying Beings who are looking for each other, who want to awaken, flourish and be reborn, since this is the challenge and adventure that I choose every day for my own life.

🔮I invite you to undertake a one-way journey into the depth of your Being, write to me and I will tell you more about the sessions and courses.

⭐I leave you my Mantra for these days, “I smile and thank you for all that is here and now, I accept the reality that I inhabit and co-create today.”

I read you, I hug you!

Agu 💜