Jupiter in Pisces from May 14 to July 28

A balm between so much intensity.

Called to patience, to practice the art of living in peace, breathing, slowing down, contemplating, taking one step at a time, entering into deep contact with what is felt, done and is, here and now. Being and Being present implies humility and trust, it is a deep surrender to becoming that we are co-creating at every moment. Now is the time to make a loving surrender, to give ourselves to the intuitive guidance of the heart, vibrating gratitude and honoring the immense wisdom that is life.

Let us be open to listen to the signs that confirm that we are on the right track. Let us be a channel, a bridge, let us be crossed by love, by the magic and intelligence of the Universe, let the Cosmos, that Nature, do for us what we do not know how to do now. Let us offer ourselves to empathy, to service, to art, to contribute in this world from tenderness.

Let’s ask for guidance, let’s listen, let’s be patient, let’s let the new medicine in. It is time to open the mind and the chest, leave free space for the higher energy to express itself and manifest itself through us. It is time to flow and not force, to float and respect the mysterious courses of these tides.

How are you feeling? what is your natal Jupiter? do you have planets in Pisces?

Around here we are super sensible, resting, loving, singing and allowing the new magic to enter.

I read you, I hug you