🧝‍♀️Witch Time🧙‍♀️

  Reborn in feminine energy, updating the ancient archetype of the Priestess.

We know the models that we have been repeating socially, the learned, altered deformation.

Now we are updating the essence from the collective unconscious

Revolution and New Era, the return of the true esoteric, loving, magical and inclusive forces.

We are awakening, recognizing ourselves in our divinity, igniting the Sacred Flame, Uterus-Heart.

Priestess is Soul in Service, a bridge that unites and communicates worlds and dimensions, spiritual and material planes, linking the unconscious to the conscious.

🌈 Priestess, Medicine Woman, Witch, Temple I am.

♀️ We are the Cosmic Energy Manifested, we are the Mystery of Life itself, we are Magic, Sex, Creativity, Gestation, Pleasure and Death.

💦We are the Water of Love and Tenderness, 🔥We are the Burning and sacred Fire.

💫We are the Channel and the Goddess.

Awaken your own strength, you are pure medicine and love.

Do you know the feminine forces of your natal chart?

Write to me and let's ritual together!

🌋 I invite you to Discover your Feminine Forces, observing in your natal chart your strongest colors and Archries: Moon, Venus, Lilith, Vesta, Ceres, Juno and Pallas.

Agu 🧜‍♀️