Transpersonal Astrology


Transpersonal Astrology is a sacred language that allows us to understand & deeply get to know ourselves, broaden our gaze, and take responsibility for our mechanisms, bonds, fears, talents, and emotions to transform our Reality.

This Path opens us to the Evolutionary vision, awakening into Consciousness, traveling through the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious.
Into the practice of Self-Observation, guided on Jungian Psychology. Opening the Intuition and Energetic Perception that lives in the depths of the Being. Lets discover the energies that connect us with our true potential.

We work with you personal process going deep thru your natal chart. You can take notes and record the audio of the session.


This is your life map , it shows the energies that you bring in this incarnation. Being Aware of these energies helps you channel them into light, taking your own potential. We open your map, proposing possibilities and practical exercises, to take a new course, more tuned to who you are, to what you want to create in your reality. 


The Solar chart changes every birthday, it is the proposal for learning and updating your home map. We see the learning that this cycle raises, the predominant energies, the themes that mobilize this moment in your evolution. Being aware of this transit helps you focus and grow.

 Synastry is the interaction of two natal maps, it helps us understand the nature and potential of the bond between two people. It shows us the energies that mobilizing the encounter, the learning together. Being Aware of this dynamic helps us open ourselves to Otherness with Love and Intelligence, cultivating a relationship of Reciprocity, where we motivate ourselves to grow. Virtual sessions to the entire Planet.