Transpersonal Astrology


Transpersonal Astrology is a sacred language that allows us to understand & deeply get to know ourselves, broaden our gaze, and take responsibility for our mechanisms, bonds, fears, talents, and emotions to transform our Reality. This Path opens us to the Humanist and Evolutionary vision, awakening in Consciousness, traveling through the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious. Assuming the practice of Self-Observation, based on Jungian Psychology. Opening ourselves to the Intuition and Energetic Perception that lives in the depths of the Being. We are going to discover the energies that connect us with our true potential. We work with each personal process going thru your natal chart.

The modality is Experimental, both Theoretical and Practical.

Evolutionary Tarot


Tarot is a sacred oracle, mirror of the Universal Soul, through the Archetypes, it contains in itself all the expressions of the Collective Unconscious. This Key is the Portal of Light and Consciousness, it invites us to enter the Mysteries of the Being, revealing ancestral memories, lighting the Way towards the Essential Purpose. The approach is Evolutionary and Humanistic. Training is Experiential, theoretical-practical modality, we work with the Tarot of Marseille.